Gran Chacona

Gran Chacona  oil on board  12 x 16”  2012

The inspiration for this painting came from a concert performed at Spokane’s Bing Crosby Theater in March of 2011 by members of  Sinfonia New York, hosted by Allegro Baroque and Beyond. The program, entitled “The Art and Ecstasy of the Chaconne: From the Streets of Spain to the Mind of J.S. Bach,” featured varieties of the beautiful and rhythmically enticing 17th  century dance form, the chaconne, in a spellbinding feast of virtuosity, with the unique sounds of period instruments and the rich color and lively grace of Baroque dance.

The picture’s subject comes from the finale, the Gran Chacona, choreographed and performed by highly skilled dancers Patricia Beaman and Carlos Fittante.